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About me

My love of photography began 12 years ago when I got my first digital camera.
In the early years I mainly did bands and nature shots. In recent years, I took a different route, roaming cities and making colourful panorama shots on my own without much contact with other people.

After giving up smoking and other bad habits 6 years ago, I discovered yoga at the gym. Not long after that I met my teacher Bela Lipat, who introduced me to ashtanga yoga. She invited me to try it but with one condition: to train for a full 3 months, 6 times a week in the early morning. She also pushed me to make photos in class.

The bands didn’t interest me after that, contact with people interested me much more and the quest to practise yoga from the heart began and grew.

For the last 6 years I’ve offered to take photos because it’s so uplifting to photograph people who are in the moment in their yoga practice and by taking the photos I’m also fully present in the moment. More and more I’m asked to come and take photos by teachers, in yoga studios, at events, because people seem to recognise what I subconsciously capture in the shots; love, acceptance, trust, focus, pleasure.

I’d love to come and photograph your workshop, your lesson, the studio where you teach. I’d also love to do your portrait or take a photo of you in your favourite asana. Above all, I welcome your ideas and input, even if it’s not related to yoga.
The most beautiful photos are still waiting to be made. Let’s make them!

Do you accept  the challenge?

What others say about Edgar

I highly recommend Edgar for yoga photoshoots and especially shooting Mysore classes. He has a way of getting the shots that are not just poses, but actual practice, perfectly framing the essence of the practice. I cannot say enough about Edgar both as a photographer, a yoga practitioner, and an all-around great person!
Edgar is an amazing photographer with a unique skill of combining colour, lighting and the magic of the moment. He has a great eye and instinct as a photographer. Many golden memories of me teaching Yoga in Holland over the years have been captured on film by my friend Edgar
As a unique personality that engages you instantly, making photos with Edgar is a playful and inspiring experience. With the several times I have worked with him, the photos he took captured the moments beautifully and he has a way of bringing you into a relaxed and opened state to have your image captured. If you should work with him… get him talking about something fun and interesting and you will right away drop into an open place for your photos and he will capture them with his artistic eye.
I had the great pleasure to meet Edgar last year while I was teaching at the Yoga Festival Terschelling. We had an instant connection as we approach our work very similar: simply from a place of joy. His great ability is to not only capture lovely moments but the actual atmosphere and happiness of that class, of which he is not only the observer but part of it. Maybe thats the difference to other photographers. He makes you feel relaxed and free and creates beautiful reality-art with his camera. I'm grateful now for some of my favourite work photos and
I'm already looking forward to our next session.
Edgar’s photos reveal more than just the surface. Each time I'm again surprised by how he knows exactly the right moment to record.

I am grateful for your teaching, posing and openness to me:

Lonneke Aerts, Daniela Agius, Lotus Arti, Jet Baan, Ferdinand Berghuijs, Annet Beskers, Elise Bijlard, Maya Ira Bisschop, Karina Boer, Renske Bode, Nikki Bogman, Susan Boot, Indra Bose, Nouty Bouchahda, Nianna Rose Bray, Irene Buijs, Peter van der Burg, Thina Chat Catherine, Sarah Chebaro, Pernille Christensen, Lilian van Dam, Mark Dowe, Esther Eckhart, Marianne Feijen, Diva Fortes, Cherylla Ganpatsingh, Sabine van Gennip, Sanne van Gent- Klahn, Jorinde Gommans, Tineke Gommans, Frances van Grondelle, Yvonne van der Gronden (Mam), Cindy Perez de Groot, Marten de Groot, Nnadi Harriot, Marieke Hauenstein, Miguidet Hernandez, Clayton Horton, Carlijn Jongeneel, Ewa Juszczyk, Jasper Kok, Lieke Kanters, Thijs Kanters, Amber van Kesteren, Valerie Ketjen, Antar Khirad, Cassandra Kosten, Boban Krstic, Chantal van der Kubbe, Paolo Yao Kouadio, Camilla Lahnstein, Lonneke Lamers, Joyce van Ling, Bela Lipat, Evi Luijckx, David Lurey, Cynthia van den Maagdenberg, Jan van den Maagdenberg, Michael Van Maasdijk, Khadija Maros, Zeger Meeuwisse, Circe Meijer, Jaya Mehta, Maarten van Otterdijk, Anand Nigam Overington, Anoshe Overington, Willeke Pluk, Megan Riley, Savitri Sattoe, Nathalia Schapkun, Stephan Scholten, Ananda Shakti, Irina van der Sluijs, Laura Sprenkels, Hester van Soest, Russell van Suchtelen van de Haere, Jeanette Suijkerbuijk, Prashant Tewatia, Ajay Tokas, Bouchra Tjon Pon Fong, Lisete Varela Fortes, Edwin van de Ven, Jurre Yaar Twijnstra, Marielena Vil, Thijs Vlak, Siri Maj Voetmann Knutsen, Mira Wiersma, Mick Wijnen, Emily Ya, Yoga Festival Terschelling, Kaat Zoontjens.

* If I’ve forgotten your name and you want to be named, or if you prefer not to be on my website, please send me an email and I’ll amend it for you.