About me

My love affair with photography kicked off a dozen years ago, back when I got my hands on my very first digital camera (a whopping 3.2 megapixels, mind you!). Initially, I was all about capturing bands and Mother Nature in her finest threads. But just before things took a major turn, I found myself gallivanting through cities, snagging vibrant panoramas left and right – mostly of moi – with minimal mingling amongst the masses.

Fast forward to ten years ago, when I waved farewell to smoking and other bad habits, I stepped into the mystical realm of yoga at the gym. Not too long after, I crossed paths with the enigmatic Bela Lipat, who ushered me into the world of ashtanga yoga. There was a catch, though – a solid three-month stint, six times weekly, crack of dawn style. Oh, and she nudged me to taking photos during class too. Bands were no longer the bee’s knees; human interaction was the real deal. And thus began my quest to capture yoga from the heart, evolving as the years ticked on.

For about ten years now, I’ve been happily volunteering my photo-snapping services. There’s something captivating about catching folks in the zone, mid-yoga-practice – it’s almost like I’m in the moment myself. Word got around, and suddenly I’m being summoned left and right to work my magic, with folks spotting a little extra mojo in my shots – love, surrender, trust, laser-like focus, and a dash of mirth.

And guess what? I’m itching to hit up your photography workshop, your masterclass, your sanctum of teaching. Heck, I might even fancy capturing your visage, or snagging you mid-favorite-asana. But wait, there’s more – I’m all ears for your concepts, your brainwaves – you name it!


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